Homestead, Iowa

interior of the homestead church

Community Church Museum

The Homestead Church was built in 1865 by the Community of True Inspiration. It is now a museum operated by the Amana Heritage Museum

exterior of the die heimat country inn

Die Heimat Country Inn

Die Heimat Country Inn occupies the only existing building in Homestead that was constructed prior to the town's purchase by Inspirationists

homestead dwelling after snowfall

Homestead Dwellings

These are the most common building type found in the Amana Colonies. Several original dwellings made mostly of brick remain today

tower of the smokehouse

Homestead Meat Shop and Smokehouse

The Meat Shop and Smokehouse prepared meat for several kitchens in Homestead. Learn more about its role in the community

blacksmith working with a horse

Blacksmith Shop

Blacksmith shops were integral in these rural villages. Learn more about the role the blacksmith played in the community

woodshed garden

Drying House

The drying house was integral to preserving fruits and vegetables grown in nearby gardens

Last updated: January 4, 2018