High Amana, Iowa

man painting outside of the amana arts guild

Amana Arts Guild Center

Once a church, the Amana Arts Guild preserves traditional art forms from the Colonies and passes techniques onto future generations

exterior of the high amana store after snow

High Amana Store

General stores provided necessities to the people in the Amana Colonies. Learn about one of these stores in High Amana

high amana barns

Taglöhner Houses

Taglöhners were hired to work in the Amana villages. While they lived alongside community members, they didn't officially join the Church

pigs outside of a barn

High Amana Farm Complext

Each village in the Colonies contained a farm complex. Learn about the farm complex in High Amana

cemetery in the amana colonies

High Amana Cemetery

Cemeteries are organized in such a way that denotes equality among members. Learn more by reading about the cemetery in High Amana

Last updated: January 4, 2018