Amana, Iowa

exterior of the amana furniture shop

Amana Furniture Shop

The Amana Furniture Shop occupies the former Calico Mill, which produced printed cloth for the national market

looms within the mill

Amana Woolen Mill

Construction of the Woolen Mill began in 1859 and it is still operating today. Their goods were known nationally

exterior of the museum of amana history

Museum of Amana History

The Museum occupies a former kitchen house, school, and woodshed. It traces the history and development of the Colonies

neon sign for the colony inn, which once operated in the amana hotel

Amana Hotel

The Amana Hotel was built in 1860 to accommodate visitors. It continues to accommodate visitors, but now as a restaurant

exterior of the Ox Yoke Inn

Ox Yoke Inn

The Ox Yoke Inn occupies a former kitchen house, and currently operates as a restaurant

mill race running past a brick building

Mill Race

The Mill Race is a constructed, seven-mile-long canal. It originally provided power to the mills

men and horses lined up outside the powder house

Powder House

The Powder House was part of a pharmacy complex that produced powder additives for livestock

interior of the machine shop

Roger's Anvil/Industrial Machine Shop

Metal work was important to repair components of the mills and farm equipment. Learn about the shop in Amana

Last updated: January 4, 2018