Improving Congestion

Congestion management for leisure travel in a park environment may involve other factors than those for a commuter whose primary concern is time lost in traffic.

To better understand this, we are collecting basic traffic data and assessing traffic conditions, as well as visitor experience gauged from annual park surveys. At the same time, we are studying factors that might produce a special level of service standard for parks called the composite level of service.

When completed, the study should provide a method to identify priority congestion-related projects affecting the NPS and other federal land management agencies. The composite measure should also help state transportation departments that are struggling to preserve scenic byways and make them accessible to a growing number of visitors.

Congestion Management Toolkit

The Congestion Management Toolkit is designed to provide technical assistance for park congestion. The toolkit takes a "problem-first" approach and uses a seven-step process to diagnose and treat congestion. It can be used to help quantify problems, identify potential solutions, analyze alternatives, and determine realistic expectations. Multiple tools may be needed to resolve congestion issues.

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    Last updated: May 24, 2018

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