South America

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Landscapes with Araucaria in South America: evidence for a cultural dimension
By: Maurício Sedrez dos Reis, Ana Ladio, and Nivaldo Peroni
Ecology and Society
Key words: Mapuche-Pehuenche people, Andes, south–central Chile, Argentina, pre-Columbian, Kaingang people, southern Brazil, trees, Araucaria, harvesting, legal framework
Araucaria is a tree that produces nut-like seeds that are culturally important to indigenous people across Chile, Argentina and Brazil. In these countries, there are barriers to establishing co-management of resources due to legal frameworks—yet Araucaria trees are in decline in many conservation areas. The author notes that the many species of Araucaria were actively cultivated by indigenous peoples for millennia and in the areas where traditional harvesting takes places, the trees thrive. The author calls for a partnership between land managers and traditional peoples for the revitalization of these important trees.

Last updated: June 19, 2018