Reciprocity or Unjust Compensation

Appropriation (?) of the Month: An Ethnopharmaceutical Adventure
Posted by Kristen Dobbin
March 24, 2015
Key words: Confidentiality, cultural appropriation, research ethics
This is a case study of researchers who are attempting and failing to secure a patent, regarding the use of well-known medical treatment.

Of Seeds and Shamans: The Appropriation of the Scientific and Technical Knowledge of Indigenous and Local Communities
By: Naomi Roht-Arriaza
Michigan Journal of International Law, 17:4
Keywords: Cultural appropriation, intellectual property rights, pharmaceutical, biotech, agribusiness
Traditional ecological knowledge is not adequately protected by international intellectual property law. Pharmaceutical, biotech and agribusiness interests have realized tremendous profits by taking advantage of indigenous knowledge. Three possible frameworks for ending appropriation are examined.

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