Government-to-Government Consultation

The researcher's approach to the Tribal Council/governing body through government-to-government consultation should be one of openness to the possibility of working together. The researcher should allow the indigenous community to determine from its perspective who from the community will be involved in the project. If the indigenous community does not want to participate on this particular project, the researcher should thank them for their consideration of the project and drop the matter. Depending on the community's response, the researcher may approach them with future projects. However the project unfolds, with or without TEK, it is important to keep the Tribal Council/governing body updated and included in the process to the level they desire.

When preparing for a government-to-government consultation in the United States, please refer to:

Relevant to all Department of the Interior agencies:
Department of the Interior Policy on Consultation with Indian Tribes

Relevant to the National Park Service:
National Park Service Management Policies 2006

Last updated: July 10, 2023