Written Agreement

For a TEK project, the researcher should negotiate a written document between the governing body, researchers and the funding agency. The document should cover the purpose of the research project, the methods used to identify participants and to obtain Prior and Informed Consent from each participant, methods for gathering research, description of how the information will be used, determination of ownership of the information and its results or products, how information will be disseminated and stored, level of public access to the information, applicability of the Tribe's research protocol, timeline, funding of the research including reciprocity to the indigenous community and individuals taking part in the research, and communication of the process and results to the Tribal Council or governing body and community members, as well as other topics of concern for the indigenous community, researcher and funding agency.
Simon Frazier University prepared a fact sheet called Collaborative Projects and Memoranda of Agreement (MOA) that you may want to peruse before developing one. It identifies some items to consider including in an MOA. Here is the link: https://www.sfu.ca/ipinch/sites/default/files/resources/fact_sheets/ipinch_moa_factsheet_jan2015.pdf

Last updated: July 10, 2023