Climate Change References

This bibliography lists works describing modeled climate change and climate change impacts over the Southwest. Journal articles, government reports, book chapters, theses, and conference proceedings are included, but for the most part, technical reports and other grey literature are not. The grey literature that was included is in this list because it can be good background reading for the reader unfamiliar with the scope of climate change impacts. This list avoids overly speculative literature on potential climate change impacts, but, particularly in the case of impacts to water resources, quantitative modeling studies have not been conducted and so the information available is necessarily somewhat speculative.

So far, the articles pertaining to climate change impacts focus on impacts to water resources, vegetation shifts, and fire regimes. For most cases, particularly the research pertaining to snowpack, the articles use measured changes over the past few decades to suggest potential change in the future. Note that papers on climate change over the entire West do not necessarily include the Southwest in their analysis, and the papers that do show that trends in the Southwest do not always match trends in the rest of the West.

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