Climate Change Vulnerability

Vulnerability Assessments at Gateway
Vulnerability assessments have been conducted at many coastal parks, including Gateway National Recreation Area

Photo: Western Carolina University

The Sustainable Operations and Climate Change (SOCC) branch of the NPS Park Facility Management Division ensures that parks consider the effects of climate change before building, renovating, or making significant capital investments into agency facilities. To do so, the branch - in collaboration with other NPS offices like the Climate Change Response Program - provides innovative guidance, tools, and resources to assist park planners in identifying the risks posed by climate change to proposed projects, and to make educated and calculated adaptation, siting, construction, and repair/rehabilitation decisions.

In 2014, SOCC began a partnership with Western Carolina University's Program for the Study of Developed Shorelines to develop a Coastal Hazards and Climate Change Asset Vulnerability Assessment Tool. As of September 2015, this latest tool was deployed at several coastal parks to assist staff in conducting vulnerability assessments in the build environment. Findings and more information will be provided as assessments are completed and the tool is finalized.

For additional resources, plkease visit the NPS Coastal Adaptation page!

Last updated: January 17, 2017