Monitor and Tracking Progress

Download copies of the Green Parks Performance Briefs to view NPS progress toward achieving its sustainability goals.
Green Parks Performance Brief (2013)
Green Parks Performance Briefs provide annual updates on NPS progress in meeting GPP goals.
The Green Parks Plan (GPP) articulates the NPS overarching vision for more sustainable operations by establishing environmental performance targets, empowering staff to be agents of change, collaborating with stakeholders, and engaging millions of visitors to support this effort during visits and while at home.On a routine basis, the NPS conducts an assessment of the agency's progress in meeting goals and objectives identified in the GPP, including:
  • Continuously Improve Environmental Performance
  • Be Climate Friendly and Climate Ready
  • Be Energy Smart
  • Be Water Wise
  • Green Our Rides
  • Buy Green and Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle
  • Preserve Outdoor Experiences, Promote Healthy Engagement
  • Strengthen Sustainability Partnerships
  • Foster Sustainability Beyond Our Boundaries
  • Green Our Grounds
To learn more about the plan’s agencywide goals, visit the GPP page.
The Green Parks (GP) Performance Briefs [PDF] provide a detailed analysis of NPS progress to date toward meeting the GPP’s goals and objectives. View the briefing documents below to learn more about goal progress, regional accomplishments, and performance drivers.

Last updated: April 22, 2021