NPS Regulations

The National Park System is governed by regulations that provide for the proper use, management, government, and protection of persons, property, and natural and cultural resources within areas under the jurisdiction of the National Park Service.

These regulations can be found at 36 CFR Parts 1-199. Applicable sections for oil spill response actions include, but are not limited to:

  • 36 CFR Part 1 – General Provisions;

  • Part 2 – Resource Protection, Public Use and Recreation;

  • Part 3 – Boating and Water Use Activities;

  • Part 6 – Solid Waste Disposal Sites in Units of the National Park System.

Special use permitting is addressed specifically under 36 CFR 1.6, wherein the NPS may require a permit for response operations and activities on or within park unit boundaries to outline and specify any special conditions or stipulations related to cleanup operations and the protection of park resources. A sample permit with the list of conditions and blank permit forms are attached at the end of each park-specific document, accessible by request from the NPS Spill response coordinator or via the spill response intranet site (accessible to DOI staff only).

Last updated: June 13, 2017


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