Royal Palm

Women's clubs in south Florida were influential in the creation of Royal Palm State Park in 1916. It later became the nucleus for Everglades National Park. Learn more about Royal Palm and the popular Anhinga Trail on the Everglades National Park website.

The Charles A. Mosier family were caretakers of the state park. In the photograph below, Charles is at the far left, his wife Hettie is at the back in front of the door and their son Charles I is standing in front of Dr. Stafford (15). Charles Mosier’s daughter Alice (11) is next to the door.

Alice Mosier (11) married Alton Harold Swinson. In 1972, her estate gave the photo to the Stormier Library at FSU. It was labeled the “Swinson Gift.” In 1982, the Stormier Library holdings were transferred to the Florida State Archives in Tallahassee.

Photograph of the Florida Federation of Women's Club taken  at the newly opened Royal Palm Park Lodge

Courtesy State Archives of Florida

Last updated: November 13, 2019