Great American Outdoors Act

Economic Contributions of National Park Infrastructure Investments

The Great American Outdoors Act (GAOA) established the National Parks and Public Land Legacy Restoration Fund (LRF), authorizing up to $1.3 billion per year from Fiscal Year 2021 through Fiscal Year 2025 for crucial investments in National Park Service infrastructure. Funding of this magnitude provides the NPS with the opportunity to revitalize parks, protect critical resources, expand recreational opportunities, and focus on long-term sustainable operations for the next century. Use of these funds on NPS projects also supports billions in economic activity in communities across the nation. Since the initiation of the GAOA in 2020, the LRF has provided over $4.4 billion in infrastructure investments to national park projects. These funds are supporting 57.9 thousand job-years, $3.9 billion in labor income, $12.3 billion in economic output, and are contributing $6.3 billion to the US GDP.

NPS Legacy Restoration Fund economic impacts by Fiscal Year

Job-years Labor Income
($ Billions)
Economic Output
($ Billions)
Value Added
($ Billions)
Fiscal Year 2021 15,350 $1.04 $3.20 $1.66
Fiscal Year 2022 16,100 $1.09 $3.33 $1.72
Fiscal Year 2023 12,250 $0.83 $2.67 $1.34
Fiscal Year 2024 14,160 $0.95 $3.13 $1.54
Total 57,860 $3.91 $12.33 $6.26
Visitors travel around a park. The Great American Outdoors Act authorizes up to $1.3 B per year from FY 21-25 for crucial infrastructure investments, supporting 57,680 jobs, $4 B in labor market, and $6.3 B in GDP.

More information about the LRF economic methods and estimates are provide in the following report - Great American Outdoors Act Legacy Restoration Fund for national parks: Economic impacts of fiscal year 2021 funding

Infographic titled “Great American Outdoors Act – Delivering Benefits to You,” with a background of visitors walking over hills through a forested mountain. A historical building also sits in the background. Text in the infographic explains that the Great American Outdoors Act authorizes up to $1.3 B per year from FY 21-25 for crucial infrastructure investments, which helps revitalize your national parks and generates billions in economic activity. These funds and projects support 43,700 jobs, $3 billion in labor income, and $4.7 billion in gross domestic product in communities across the nation.

Last updated: April 6, 2023


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