NPS Responsibility

Scientists along the river at Delaware Water Gap
Scientists survey the view along the river at Delaware Water Gap.

NPS Photo


Scenic views are core to the national park idea.

In fact, the National Park Service was established largely to conserve scenery!

Scenic views are valued both for their beauty and also as a way to connect people with culture and history. The NPS Organic Act makes us responsible for preserving important natural, cultural, and historic views into the future.


Scenery is key to the purpose and significance of many park units and is often called out specifically in the laws that created these parks. These laws are called enabling legislation and can be found on individual park webpages.

Many views extend well beyond parks. Because people don’t “see” boundaries, it is essential for the NPS to understand, maintain, restore, and protect park views in a way that reflects the visitor experience. We work cooperatively with park neighbors to conserve our treasured landscapes into the future. Learn more about conserving park views.

Last updated: April 29, 2020


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