What You Can Do

From Florida to Guam, the opportunities to visit parks with at-risk species abounds. What should you do when you see an at-risk species in parks? What can you do when you go home to help at-risk species? Where do you start? Little actions can have big impacts when undertaken by many people. We've given you some ideas below on what you can do to protect at-risk species in parks, through citizen science, and at home.

A man in a hat and life jacket uses binoculars in a dry hilly area
In Parks

How can you help protect at-risk species when you visit your national parks? Find out!

Two people work on an outdoor garden
At Home

Nature knows no boundaries. Find out what you can do to conserve at-risk species at home.

A girl in green "bioblitz" tshirt and ball cap uses an identification card to identify something
Through Citizen Science

Help at-risk species through science! Find opportunities for citizen science in parks.

Last updated: August 10, 2023


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