About Presidents

a B&W photo of young students posing with a young President Johnson standing in the back
Before Becoming President

Discover what the lives of everyday people were like before they became President of the United States.

a portrait of a woman in profile in 1900s dress
First Ladies

Learn more about the first ladies as powerhouses of complexity and personhood together and separate from the presidents they married.

B&W photo of two men standing in cemetery with american flags
Presidents at War

Making decisions at wartime are some of the most defining moments of a presidency. Learn more about the life and world changing moments.

Birthplace of Herbert Hoover in West branch, Iowa
Presidential Places

Experience the places they knew during their lifetimes and that honor their memories after their deaths.

President Gerald Ford stands at a podium in front of a statue

Explore biographies of presidents, first ladies, first families, and other important people in presidential history.

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    Last updated: December 19, 2023