Ecoregional Planting Guide Cards

Pollinator Planting Guide Cards - by Ecoregion

Download and print a copy of the card appropriate for your region.

These regionally specific Native Pollinator Garden Recipe Cards are designed with easy to follow guidelines for creating home pollinator gardens that provide diverse and colorful herbaceous floral displays and resources across growing seasons. The recommendation for each of the plant species was determined through an extensive vetting process with native plant and pollinator authorities to ensure they meet the unique environmental characteristics and resource needs of pollinator species associated with each region.

The cards provide guidelines for smaller spaces, approximately 3’ x 6’; however, we encourage expanding your pollinator gardens over time by including other valuable habitat resources such as native flowering shrubs and/or trees, native bunch grasses, and sedges. Native shrubs and trees provide some of the earliest spring pollen and nectar resources available to pollinators and many serve as host plants for Lepidoptera species (butterflies and moths). Bunch grasses and sedges, in addition to residual woody debris and leaf litter provide necessary nesting and overwintering habitat. Some native grasses and sedge species are also host plants for Lepidoptera species.

Look for the recommended plant species where native plants are sold (including native plant nurseries and plant sales sponsored by native plant societies, nature centers, and conservation districts).

The garden recipe cards were produced through collaborative effort as part of the North American Pollinator Protection Campaign (NAPPC) Pollinator Habitat Installations Task Force.

Happy habitat planting!


Last updated: March 15, 2022


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