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a color drawing of blackbeard the pirate
Blackbeard (Edward Teach)

Glenn Eure, Glenn Eure's Ghost Fleet Gallery, Nags Head, NC

Lesson Plan: Pirates of North Carolina

This lesson plan is designed to introduce students to pirates who plagued the coast of North Carolina during the time of colonization. Students will use a variety of strategies and writing process elements in composing their report. It will allow students to integrate research of social studies/history of the colonial era with technology, reading, and writing, while connecting their studies to exploring Cape Hatteras National Seashore.
tall 3 masted ship with red and white bottom

Field Trip and Lesson Plan: Salem Merchants - Patriots and Privateers

When the American colonies declared their independence from Great Britain, the infant nation was in no position to defy British rule of the seas. The Americans responded with the time-honored practice of privateering an industry born of necessity during the American Revolution. Introduce students to this untold story of the American Revolution through this lesson plan (PDF - 5th Grade) and learn about the Field Trip.

Last updated: April 16, 2018