Director's Order 32 and Reference Manual 32

Director's Order #32: Cooperating Associations provides guidance to National Park Service managers and staff who work in partnership with Cooperating Associations and helps define the roles of the two organizations in order to strengthen mission alignment and clarify the responsibilities of each organization. Please Use the Reference Manual, Director's Orders #32 and its appendix in tandem with this Director's Order.

Aid-to-NPS Work Plan
While Cooperating Associations' Aid-to-NPS is guided primarily by DO#32, these contributions are donations and as such anticipated use must be documented through an annual work plan. The Aid-to-NPS Plan meets the requirements of DO#21 and DO#32 and documents how donations from the Cooperating Associations (a.k.a. Aid-to-NPS) will be used to support the interpretation, education, and research activities of the National Park Service for a specific year. More information about these requirements can be found in Section 6.4.1. of the Reference Manual to DO#21.

Last updated: December 4, 2023