2016 Director's Partnership Award

Children working on the Friendship Mural at the Cherry Blossom Festival
Children unleash their creative energy in the creation of a Friendship Mural during the annual Cherry Blossom Festival. 


For three years, the City of Mitaka, Japan partners with the National Mall and Memorial Parks to engage grade school students in the creation of a Friendship Mural. Each student draws a picture and writes a message that, combined, create a beautiful mural. Images are sent electronically to the U.S. where volunteers translate each message and recreate the mural, which is displayed at the Cherry Blossom Festival. Here, up to 10,000 attendees can view the mural and children can create a Friendship Mural which is displayed in schools in Japan. Through this exchange of art; a colorful tapestry of community, gift giving and friendship is created and shared between two nations, and the world.

Last updated: June 13, 2015