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Two women scientists in diving gear collect a sediment sample from an underwater seagrass meadow

Image © Our World Underwater Scholarship Society / Shaun Wolfe

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Swept Away podcast cover: square, black, Park Science Podcast graphic with gold lettering next to an aerial view of a beach with houses not far from the ocean

Podcast | Coasts
Swept Away

Barrier islands move constantly, but people build houses on them anyway. Cape Hatteras superintendent-scientist Dave Hallac tells us why good data can only do so much (18 minutes).
By Brooke Bauman
Image credit: U.S. Army Corps of Engineers / Mark Bias

A colorful bird sits on a branch. On the upper right of the picture is the Park Science podcast logo.

Podcast | Birds
Mosquitoes Are Key to Hawaiian Honeycreeper Survival

Birds Not Mosquitoes project partners Chris Farmer, Luka Zavas, and Ryan Monello discuss a modern mosquito-control technique to save Hawaii’s forest birds from imminent extinction. This project is the first time this technique has been used to protect animals (23 minutes).
By Jeri Stoller
Image credit: NPS

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Podcast | International Affairs
How "America's Best Idea" Went Global

"America's best idea" is also one of our most influential exports! International Cooperation Specialist Jon Putnam talks about the National Park Service’s global connections in science on the 60th anniversary of the agency's Office of International Affairs (22 minutes).
By Kass Bissmeyer and Cortney Cjesfjeld

Podcast | National Natural Landmarks
A Landmark Program Celebrates a Milestone

The National Natural Landmarks Program celebrates its 60th anniversary! Hear from program managers Heather Eggleston, Laurie Lee Jenkins, and Deb DiQuinzio how this program works to promote the Ice Age Floods National Geologic Trail and other amazing places (18 minutes).
By Kass Bissmeyer and Sarah Sparhawk

Image credit: NPS

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