“When volunteers agree to share their talents, skills and interests with the National Park Service, they are paying us one of the highest compliments possible by offering a most valued possession – their time.”
- George B. Hartzog, Jr., former Director of the National Park Service and creator of the Volunteers-in-Parks Program

Since 1915, the National Park Service has been working to protect the natural and cultural resources that make up our great nation. You can be a part of this important effort to conserve and protect the 85 ocean, coastal, and Great Lakes parks in the National Park System for future generations to enjoy. Many factors threaten the health of these parks, including invasive species, pollution, and industrial development. The time you spend volunteering can significantly contribute to combating these hazards and can also enhance your understanding of and respect for these special sites.

Volunteer opportunities are extremely flexible, with activities available for all age groups and time commitments ranging from quick jobs that last a few hours to long-term projects that can span months. You can also personalize your work according to your preferences and interests; do you work well when you’re interacting with people? You can spend your time at a visitor center, educating park guests about the area! Do you prefer to do individual work away from the crowds? Offer your skills to a scientific monitoring project! Whether you’re looking to earn academic credit, give back to the community now that you’ve retired, or give back during your vacation, one of our 85 locations is sure to have the perfect opportunity for you.

Last updated: December 9, 2021


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