Pledge to Protect Yourself, the Reefs, and the Ocean

Protect yourself protect the reef campaign graphic

A growing number of park visitors are concerned about the health of our oceans. Chemicals in some sunscreen can harm ocean life, including corals, fish, sea urchins, dolphins, and mussels. One thing you can do is pledge to wear sunscreens with only the active ingredients zinc oxide or titanium dioxide and wear UPF clothing while at the beach or in the ocean. Choosing sun protection that is less harmful to marine life is one thing you can do to help protect our ocean parks for this and future generations.

Join the community that is choosing to protect our ocean parks. Click on the Take the Pledge button on the map. Place a pin near where you live and pledge to protect our oceans. Then share your commitment with your friends and family.

Last updated: October 18, 2022


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