Ocean Stewardship and the Public

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Students Visiting the Islands - Channel Islands National Park

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Effective stewardship requires that we share our knowledge of park ecosystems and cultural sites through education and outreach. The wide distribution of information connects people to their ocean heritage, involves them in park stewardship, and promotes lifelong learning. Educational and outreach programs are especially important at ocean parks, because the underwater wonders of the National Park System are remote and unfamiliar to many of us.

The quality of recreation in our parks depends on our ability to maintain the high caliber of park resources. Our parks are held in trust for you, so you have a right to know about the challenges that confront us and to participate in the decision-making process. We welcome public involvement in our search for solutions to the problems that face our parks. By taking time to participate, raise issues, and voice your concerns, you can help us expand our knowledge and assess the impacts of our decisions. Information on park planning and decision-making is found on individual park web sites, at www.nps.gov, and at https://parkplanning.nps.gov/

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