Ocean Education

No matter where you live, you are connected to the ocean. You may not realize it, especially if you don’t eat fish or have never been to the coast, but the ocean affects you every day in many ways. It provides you with over half of the oxygen you breathe, influences the weather you experience (including the rain that helps grow your food), and provides a myriad of products you use regularly. The importance of the ocean in all of our lives cannot be overstated.

Coastal and Great Lakes national parks have programs that can help you explore your own connection with the ocean and learn more about its species, habitats, geology, and about the issues facing it. Even if you can’t visit the ocean in person, these parks can help bring it to you - whether you watch a podcast or an interactive live dive, download a lesson plan, or check out a traveling trunk. But be advised, once you learn about the beauty and diversity of the coastal and Great Lakes national parks, you will want to see them for yourself. When that happens, these parks will be waiting.

Last updated: May 24, 2017


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