Sample Nominations - Additional Documentation/Boundary Increase/Boundary Decrease

Streetview with several storefronts
Brookings Commercial Historic District, Brookings, South Dakota

Photograph courtesy of South Dakota State Historic Preservation Office

Brookings Commercial Historic District Additional Documentation
South Dakota, Reference Number: 88000029
Area of Significance: Commerce, Architecture
Period of Significance 1894-1940

This nomination is a 2020 update to a 1988 nomination where the period of significance remains the same but the inventory for each building has been revised and the context more fully developed to better justify significance under commerce and architecture. It is a good example of updating documentation for better use as a planning document. Additional documentation starts on page 175 of this 350-page nomination.
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Row of houses along a street
Oxford Historic District, North Carolina

Photograph courtesy of North Carolina State Historic Preservation Office

Oxford Historic District Additional Documentation/Boundar Increase/Boundary Decrease
North Carolina, Reference Number:
Area of Significance: Architecture, Commerce, Industry, Ethnic Heritage: Black, Social History
Period of Significance: 1825-1967

This nomination is a good example of a “complete rehaul” of an older nomination. The original nomination dates to 1988 and did not take into account some of the areas that contain what were then considered architecturally unimportant buildings that were associated with the town’s African American population. The new nomination includes a boundary increase to include these areas; a boundary decrease to acknowledge the demolition of a large industrial complex; and additional documentation to update the older inventory. The new nomination also includes a historical context and period of significance that is more inclusive and representative of events and conditions within the district. This new nomination effectively “replaces” the older one.
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Streetview with 4 single houses with yards
Shirley Hills Historic District Boundary Increase and Additional Documentation, Macon, Georgia

Photograph courtesy of Georgia State Historic Preservation Office

Shirley Hills Historic District Boundary Increase/Additional Documentation
Georgia, Refererence number: 14000269
Area of significance: Architecture, Community Planning and Development, Landscape Architecture
Period of Significance: 1922-1967

Updated information is clearly identified in Section 5 (property classification) and Section 8 (statement of significance).
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Roxbury Fish Hatchery Additional Documentation
Vermont, Reference number: 94000177
Area of Significance: Agriculture, Architecture
Period of Significance:1875-1949

Roxbury Fish Hatchery, initially listed in 1994, was updated in 2021 to acknowledge the loss of materials and changes to the landscape caused by a pair of natural disasters. The nomination provides an updated description of the surviving resources and an evaluation of the historic integrity of the property.
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grassy field
Oregon-California Trail Segments (Boundary Increase and Additional Documentation)

Photograph courtesy of Kansas State Historic Preservation Office

Oregon-California Trail Segments (Boundary Increase and Additional Documentation) - First United Methodist Church OCT Segment
Kansas, Reference number: 16000132
Area of Signficance: Exploration/Settlement, Historic-Non-Aboriginal, Transportation
Period of Significance: 1841 - 1860

The original nomination was listed as First United Methodist Church of Oregon-California Trail Segment, when the Additional Documentation and Boundary Increase was submitted, the resource was changed to Oregon-California Trail Segments and the resource became a district instead of a site.
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Downtown Athens Historic District (Additional Documentation, Boundary Increase II and Boundary Decrease):
Georgia, Reference number: 06000737
Area of Significance: Architecture, Black, Commerce, Community Planning and Development, Politics/Government
Period of Significance: 1825 - 1974

This nomination provides an example of describing a boundary change by combining a boundary increase and a boundary decrease.
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Last updated: November 17, 2022