Pending List 2024 01 13

PENDING (Not Yet Acted Upon) LIST
Notification of Pending Nominations and Related Actions.

Nominations for the following properties being considered for listing or related actions in the National Register of Historic Places were received by the National Park Service before January 13, 2024.

Pursuant to section 60.13 of 36CFR Part 60, written comments are being accepted concerning the significance of the nominated properties under the National Register criteria for evaluation. Comments should be sent to the National Register of Historic Places, MS 7228, 1849 C St. NW, Washington, DC 20240, or e-mail to: Comments should be submitted by 15 days after this notice is published in the Federal Register. The best way to search the Federal Register for NR properties is by our unique, 8 or 9 digit reference number. (e.g. 16000735 or 100001969)

Prefix key:

SG - Single nomination
MC - Multiple cover sheet
MP – Multiple nomination (a nomination under a multiple cover sheet)
FP - Federal DOE Project
FD - Federal DOE property under the Federal DOE project
BC - Boundary change (increase, decrease, or both)
MV - Move request
AD - Additional documentation
OT - All other requests (appeal, removal, delisting, direct submission)
RS - Resubmission

KEY: State, County, Property Name, Multiple Name(if applicable), Address / Boundary, City, Vicinity, Reference Number.

KEY: State, County, Property Name, Multiple Name(if applicable), Address / Boundary, City, Vicinity, Reference Number.

Rockdale County
Fountain Hill
Address Restricted
Conyers vicinity, SG100009953

Bristol County
Bradford Durfee Textile School
64 Durfee Street
Fall River, SG100009976

Suffolk County
Uphams Corner Historic District
Generally along Columbia Road from Annabel Street to the north to Bird Street to the south
Boston, SG100009975

Adams County
Holy Family Catholic Church Historic District
(Civil Rights Resources of Natchez and Adams County, Mississippi MPS)
Roughly, along Aldrich, Old D'Evereux, St. Catherine, Abbott and Byrne Sts.
Natchez, MP95000855

Clark County
Leroy and Carrie Christensen House
500 W. Van Buren Street
Las Vegas, SG100009944

Elko County
El Rancho Hotel and Casino
1629 Lake Avenue
Wells, SG100009943

Lincoln County
Gem Theater
648 Main Street
Pioche, SG100009942

Broome County
State Street-Henry Street Historic District (Boundary Increase)
221 Washington Street to Lewis Street; 1 Lewis Street to Prospect Avenue; 212 State Street to CP Rail Systems track; East Clinton Street
Binghamton, BC100009963

Dutchess County
Main Mall Historic District (Boundary Increase)
(Poughkeepsie MRA)
293-317 Main St. and 3-6 Garden St.
Poughkeepsie, BC100009967

New York County
Our Lady of Victory National Shrine and Basilica Historic District
777 Ridge Road and 781 Ridge Road
Lackawanna, SG100009962

Onondaga County
H.A. Moyer Factory Complex (Boundary Increase)
(Industrial Resources in the City of Syracuse, Onondaga County, NY MPS)
1920 Park St
Syracuse, BC100009965

J. F. O'Connor Sales Company Garage
1641 East Genesee Street
Syracuse, SG100009969

Orange County
Navy Reserve Officers Training Corps (NRQTC) Naval Armory at UNC-Chapel Hill
221 South Columbia St.
Chapel Hill, SG100009948

Sumner County
Scattersville Public School
227 Scattersville Road
Portland, SG100009970

Aransas County
Rockport School
619 North Live Oak Street
Rockport, SG100009945

Galveston County
Rosewood Cemetery
2825 63rd Street
Galveston, SG100009946

Harris County
K'nesseth Israel Synagogue
100 West Sterling Avenue
Baytown, SG100009949

Montgomery County
Pilot School
4449 Brush Creek Road /Route 617
Pilot, SG100009956

Norfolk & Western Class J No. 611 Locomotive
303 Norfolk Avenue SW
Roanoke, SG100009961

Hart Motor Company
1341 E. Main Street
Salem, SG100009960

A request for removal has been made for the following resource(s):

Middlesex County
Curtis, Allen Crocker, House-Pillar House
(Newton MRA)
26 Quinobequin Rd.
Newton, OT86001787

Jaquith, Abraham, House
(First Period Buildings of Eastern Massachusetts TR)
161 Concord Rd.
Billerica, OT90000166

Additional documentation has been received for the following resource(s):

Pulaski County
Railroad Call Historic District (Additional Documentation)
108, 112, and 114 S. Pulaski St.
Little Rock, AD97000749

Dutchess County
Main Mall Historic District (Additional Documentation)
(Poughkeepsie MRA)
315 Main Mall to 11 Garden St.
Poughkeepsie, AD82001148

Onondaga County
H.A. Moyer Factory Complex (Additional Documentation)
(Industrial Resources in the City of Syracuse, Onondaga County, NY MPS)
1710 North Salina and 301 Wolf Sts.
Syracuse, AD100007668

Bradley County
Hughes, W. J., Business House (Additional Documentation)
3202 Ocoee St.
Cleveland, AD75001735

Davidson County
Litterer Laboratory (Additional Documentation)
631 2nd Ave., S.
Nashville, AD78002581

Madison County
Jackson Free Library (Additional Documentation)
College and Church Sts.
Jackson, AD75001769

Marshall County
Cornersville Methodist Episcopal Church South (Additional Documentation)
100 S. Mulberry St.
Cornersville, AD82003991

Wilson County
Memorial Hall, Cumberland University (Additional Documentation)
Cumberland University campus
Lebanon, AD77001301

AUTHORITY: Section 60.13 of 36 CFR part 60

Sherry A. Frear,
National Register of Historic Places/National Historic Landmarks Program.

Last updated: February 9, 2024