Pending List 2022 02 26

PENDING (Not Yet Acted Upon) LIST
Notification of Pending Nominations and Related Actions.

Nominations for the following properties being considered for listing or related actions in the National Register of Historic Places were received by the National Park Service before Febrruary 26, 2022

Pursuant to section 60.13 of 36CFR Part 60, written comments are being accepted concerning the significance of the nominated properties under the National Register criteria for evaluation. Comments should be sent to the National Register of Historic Places, MS 7228, 1849 C St. NW, Washington, DC 20240, or e-mail to: Comments should be submitted by 15 days after this notice is published in the Federal Register. The best way to search the Federal Register for NR properties is by our unique, 8 or 9 digit reference number. (e.g. 16000735 or 100001969)

Before including your address, phone number, e-mail address, or other personal identifying information in your comment, you should be aware that your entire comment – including your personal identifying information – may be made publicly available at any time. While you can ask us in your comment to withhold your personal identifying information from public review, we cannot guarantee that we will be able to do so.

Prefix key:

SG - Single nomination
MC - Multiple cover sheet
MP – Multiple nomination (a nomination under a multiple cover sheet)
FP - Federal DOE Project
FD - Federal DOE property under the Federal DOE project
BC - Boundary change (increase, decrease, or both)
MV - Move request
AD - Additional documentation
OT - All other requests (appeal, removal, delisting, direct submission)
RS - Resubmission

KEY: State, County, Property Name, Multiple Name (if applicable), Address/Boundary, City, Vicinity, Reference Number

Jackson County
Bellevue Commercial Historic District,
100 North Riverview-318 South Riverview Dr., 100 North 2nd-307 South 2nd, 102 Market-203 West Market, 103-15 State Sts.,
Bellevue, SG100007558

Maquoketa Commercial Historic District,
Main St. between Quarry and Maple Sts., including Platt and Pleasant Sts. one block east and west of Main St.,
Maquoketa, SG100007559

Berkshire County
Otis Center Historic District,
11-29 East Otis, 12-41 Monterey, 14-144 North Main, 8-120 South Main, 25 and 37, Witter Rds.,
Otis, SG100007553

New Boston Village Historic District,
97-101 North Main and 79-110 South Main Sts. (MA 8), 2-4 Tolland (MA 57), 3-22 Sandisfield, (MA 57), and 2 River Rds., 4 Cannon Mountain and 3 & 5 Willow Lns.,
Sandisfield, SG100007554

Barry County
Michigan Central Railroad Middleville Depot,
128 High St.,
Middleville, SG100007564

Hennepin County
Coliseum Building and Hall,
2708 East Lake St.,
Minneapolis, SG100007557

Calvary Lutheran Church,
3901 Chicago Ave.,
Minneapolis, SG100007577

Berks County
Hawk Mountain Sanctuary District,
1700 Hawk Mountain Rd.,
Albany, SG100007555

Northampton County
Mary Immaculate Seminary (MIS),
300 Cherryville Rd.,
Northampton, SG100007566

Schuylkill County
Hawk Mountain Sanctuary District,
1700 Hawk Mountain Rd.,
East Brunswick, SG100007555

Hawk Mountain Sanctuary District,
1700 Hawk Mountain Rd.,
West Brunswick, SG100007555

Meigs County
Georgetown Road,
(Cherokee Trail of Tears MPS (Additional Documentation)),
8100 Block of TN 60,
Georgetown vicinity, MP100007556

Salt Lake County
Parade of Homes Lakewood Site Historic District,
East Lone Peak and South Fairoaks Drs.,
Holladay, SG100007561

Utah County
Provo Community Congregational Church,
175 North University Ave.,
Provo, SG100007565

Addison County
Addison Town Hall,
(Historic Government Buildings MPS),
4970 VT 22A,
Addison, MP100007574

Windham County
Governor Hunt House,
322 Governor Hunt Rd.,
Vernon, SG100007573

Amherst County
Scott Zion Baptist Church,
2602 Galts Mill Rd.,
Madison Heights, SG100007568

Bedford County
Quarles-Walker House,
1318 Songbird Ave.,
Bedford vicinity, SG100007569

Botetourt County
Greenfield Kitchen and Quarters,
International Pkwy. and US 220,
Daleville vicinity, SG100007570

Fauquier County
Upperville Colt and Horse Show Grounds,
8301 John S. Mosby Hwy.,
Upperville vicinity, SG100007572

Franklin County
Craghead, John, House,
1609 Windlass Rd.,
Moneta vicinity, SG100007571

Fond Du Lac County
Winnebago Cheese Company,
233 West Division St.,
Fond du Lac, SG100007575

In the interest of preservation, a SHORTENED comment period has been requested for the following resource:
Orleans Parish
Dew Drop Inn,
2836 LaSalle St.,
New Orleans, SG100007552,
Comment period: 3 days

Additional documentation has been received for the following resource:
Wayne County
Sweet, Ossian H., House (Additional Documentation),
2905 Garland St.,
Detroit, AD85000696

Nominations submitted by Federal Preservation Officers:
The State Historic Preservation Officer reviewed the following nominations and responded to the Federal Preservation Officer within 45 days of receipt of the nominations and supports listing the properties in the National Register of Historic Places.

Denali Borough
Little Annie Mine and Camp Site,
(Kantishna Historic Mining Resources of Denali National Park and Preserve, MPS),
South side of Skyline Drive, approx. 1.3 mi. east of jct. with Denali Park Rd.,
Denali vicinity, MP100007567

Peter Nelson Cabin Site,
(Kantishna Historic Mining Resources of Denali National Park and Preserve, MPS),
Along the south side of Eureka Creek roughly 2,300 feet northeast from its confluence with Lucky Gulch,
Denali vicinity, MP100007576

(Authority: Section 60.13 of 36 CFR part 60)
Dated: March 1, 2022.
Sherry A. Frear,
Chief, National Register of Historic Places/National Historic Landmarks Program.

Last updated: March 18, 2022