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PENDING (Not Yet Acted Upon) LIST

Notification of Pending Nominations and Related Actions.

Nominations for the following properties being considered for listing or related actions in the National Register of Historic Places were received by the National Park Service before June 2, 2018.
Pursuant to section 60.13 of 36 CFR Part 60, written comments are being accepted concerning the significance of the nominated properties under the National Register criteria for evaluation. Comments should be sent to the National Register of Historic Places, MS 7228, 1849 C St. NW, Washington, DC 20240, or e-mail to: e-mail us. Comments should be submitted by 15 days after this notice is published in the Federal Register. The best way to search the Federal Register for NR properties is by our unique, 8 or 9 digit reference number. (e.g. 16000735 or 100001969)
Before including your address, phone number, e-mail address, or other personal identifying information in your comment, you should be aware that your entire comment – including your personal identifying information – may be made publicly available at any time. While you can ask us in your comment to withhold your personal identifying information from public review, we cannot guarantee that we will be able to do so.
KEY: State, County, Property Name, Multiple Name (if applicable), Address/Boundary, City, Vicinity, Reference Number (Please note new numbering system) Here is the prefix key:

SG - Single nomination
MC - Multiple cover sheet
MP – Multiple nomination (a nomination under a multiple cover sheet)
FP - Federal DOE Project
FD - Federal DOE property under the Federal DOE project
BC - Boundary change (increase, decrease, or both)
MV - Move request
AD - Additional documentation
OT - All other requests (appeal, removal, delisting, direct submission)
RS - Resubmission

Los Angeles County
Brown Beret Headquarters
(Chicano Moratorium in Los Angeles County MPS)
2639-41 E 4th St.
East Los Angeles, MP100002654

Chicano Moratorium March December 20, 1969
(Chicano Moratorium in Los Angeles County MPS)
Five Points Memorial, N Indiana St., Michigan Ave., Obregon Park
East Los Angeles, MP100002655

El Barrio Free Clinic
(Chicano Moratorium in Los Angeles County MPS)
5012 E Whittier Blvd.
Los Angeles, MP100002656

National Chicano Moratorium March August 29, 1970
(Chicano Moratorium in Los Angeles County MPS)
Belvedere & Salazar Parks, Mednik & Atlantic Aves., E 3rd St., Beverly & Whittier Blvds.
East Los Angeles, MP100002657

Sussex County
Godwin School
23235 Godwin School Rd.
Millsboro, SG100002658

Cherry County
County Line Bridge
(Highway Bridges in Nebraska MPS)
Private Rd. over Niobrara R.
Valentine vicinity, MP100002660

Douglas County
Drummond Motor Company
(Lincoln Highway in Nebraska MPS)
2600 Farnam St.
Omaha, MP100002661

Firestone Tire and Rubber Building
(Lincoln Highway in Nebraska MPS)
2570 Farnam St.
Omaha, MP100002663

Holt County
O'Neill Carnegie Library
(Carnegie Libraries in Nebraska MPS AD)
601 E Douglas St.
O'Neill, MP100002665

Madison County
Oneida Downtown Commercial Historic District
Broad, Main & Cedar Sts., S of Elm, N of Washington
Oneida, SG100002667

Oneida County
Downtown Genessee Street Historic District
Utica, SG100002668

Pierce County
Glen Park Suspension Footbridge
End of W Cascade Ave., across the South Fork Kinnickkinnic R.
River Falls, SG100002671

A request for removal has been made for the following resource:
Morton County
State Training School Historic District
Heart R., W bank, 0.5 mi. S of W. Main St., on W edge of Mandan
Mandan vicinity, OT95001549

Additional documentation has been received for the following resources:
Maricopa County
Silk Stocking Neighborhood Historic District
290 N Washington St.
Chandler, AD11000567

Pima County
Blenman--Elm Historic District
2401 E Elm St.
Tucson, AD03000318

Garland County
Ouachita Avenue Historic District
Bounded by Ouachita Ave., Orange St., Central Ave. & Olive St.
Hot Springs, AD11000690

Douglas County
Fairacres Historic District
Roughly bounded by Fairacres Rd., Dodge, N. 62nd, California & N 68th Sts.
Omaha, AD100001353

Nomination submitted by Federal Preservation Officer:
The State Historic Preservation Officer reviewed the following nomination and responded to the Federal Preservation Officer within 45 days of receipt of the nomination and supports listing the property in the National Register of Historic Places.

Hall County
Grand Island VA Hospital
(United States Third Generation Veterans Hospitals, 1946-1958 MPS)
2201 N Broadwell Ave.
Grand Island, MP100002664

AUTHORITY: Section 60.13 of 36 CFR part 60
Dated: June 8, 2018.

J. Paul Loether,
Chief, National Register of Historic Places/National Historic Landmarks Program and
Keeper, National Register of Historic Places.

Last updated: June 22, 2018