Previous Grant Awards

Two members of the Karuk Tribe of California and the museum’s NAGPRA Coordinator viewing baskets and their associated information during a NAGPRA grant-funded visit.
The National Park Service has awarded NAGPRA grants since 1994.

Courtesy of the San Diego Museum of Man.

The National Park Service has awarded NAGPRA grants since 1994, providing over 1,100 grants to Indian tribes and museums.

  • Over $59 million awarded
  • 299 grants for repatriation of ancestors and cultural items
  • 849 grants for consultation and documentation of Native American collections

A full list of the most recently awarded grants from 2023 is provided here.

Grants awarded between 1994 and 2008 are summarized in Journeys to Repatriation.

Full list of awarded grants to date (1994-2023)

Use the searchable table below to look up a grant. It includes the: grant year, type of grant, grant recipient and state, recipent type, and awarded amount. You can also click the "download dataset" below to get the file as an .csv file.

NAGPRA Grants Master List 1994 to 2023
YearProgramRecipientStateRecipient TypeAward Amount

Last updated: April 29, 2024


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