Consultation Resources

Contact Information

» NAGPRA Contacts, National NAGPRA Program, National Park Service, provides information for NAGPRA contacts in museums, Federal agencies, Indian Tribes, and Native Hawaiian organizations.

» Alaskan Community Database, Alaska Department of Commerce, Community, and Economic Development, is an interactive application for identifying Native Entities within the State of Alaska recognized and eligible to receive services from the Bureau of Indian Affairs. Search by specific borough/census areas, Native Village Corporations, Native Regional Corporations, and communities.

» Tribal Directory Assessment Tool, U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development, contains information about Federally- recognized Indian Tribes and their geographic areas of interest. Search by street address, county, state, or Tribe.

» Tribal Historic Preservation Offices,Tribal Preservation Program, National Park Service, provides contact information for officially designated offices with responsibility for preservation of historic properties on tribal lands.

» Tribal Leaders Directory, Bureau of Indian Affairs, is a reference map showing Tribal government headquarters and Bureau of Indian Affairs regional and agency offices. The official listing of Federally recognized Indian Tribes can be found in Federal Register Notice of Indian Entities Recognized and Eligible to Receive Services from the U.S. Bureau of Indian Affairs (last updated January 2023).

» Native Hawaiian Organization List, Office of Hawaiian Relations, U.S. Department of the Interior, is a Notification List to promote greater networking and articulation among all Native Hawaiian organizations.

Aboriginal Lands under NAGPRA

» Aboriginal Lands under NAGPRA, National NAGPRA Program, National Park Service, video presentation from July 2021.

» Aboriginal Lands under NAGPRA, National NAGPRA Program, National Park Service, presentation with links to sources from July 2021.

» Indian Claims Commission Materials, Native American Rights Fund, provides a research guide to publications, maps, indexes, and other documents.

» Indian Land Cessions 1784-1894, Charles C. Royce, Bureau of American Ethnology, Smithsonian Institution, published as a two-volume set in 1899 and reproduced as a digital, searchable resources in 2000.

» Tribal Connections, Forest Service U.S. Department of Agriculture, webmap of Indian Land Cessions 1784-1894 with additional data and links to primary sources.

» Indigenous Digital Archive Treaties Explorer, Museum of Indian Arts and Culture with U.S. National Archives and National Archives Foundation, digitized versions of the 374 Ratified Indian Treaties from the U.S. National Archives.

» Tribal Treaties Database, Oklahoma State University Library with U.S. Department of Agriculture and U.S. Department of the Interior, provides a digitized version of Charles J. Kappler's "Indian Affairs: Law and Treaties" from 1904.

Consultation Guidance and Policy

» Office of the Solicitor's Memo on ANSCA is guidance from the Division of Indian Affairs and Division of Parks and Wildlife, Office of the Solicitor, on the "List of Indian tribes for the purposes of carrying out the Native American Grave Protection and Repatriation Act (NAGPRA)".

» White House Policy on Tribal Consultation that support and provide the necessary guidance and regulations for tribal consultations.

Other Resources

» How to Complete NAGPRA and CalNAGPRA Together, presentation by Melanie O'Brien at the CalNAGPRA Workshop, August 2022

» NAGPRA Community of Practice, a supported, connected, and empowered community to facilitate repatriation, help other people engage in NAGPRA work improve implementation.

» Statistics on NAGPRA, National NAGPRA Program, National Park Service, annual data visualizations for Native American human remains reported under NAGPRA.

» TSA's tips on Traveling with Religious and Cultural Items

Last updated: September 29, 2023