What We Do

The National Park Service offers opportunities for all Americans to discover our military history and engage with our military today. We honor your service through ceremonies and commemoration. We offer opportunities to partner with us and volunteer. Increase your skills on staff rides. Experience historic action through reenactments. Explore recreational opportunities and find a place to unwind.

Eleven veteran volunteers gather along a brick wall.
Support Veterans

Veterans continue to serve in news way with the National Park Service.

Four people in army uniforms stand at the liberty bell with flag, arms raised for swearing in.
Support Today's Military

We support today's military with ceremonies, staff rides, programs for family members, recreation opportunities, and more.

Eleven people wear an National Park Service Uniform standing in front of a lake.
Support Military and Veteran Staff

Today the National Park Service employs over 5,800 active-duty military and veterans in a wide array of careers.

Bugler calling all to arms.

Discover news about military parks, events, and more.

Last updated: November 8, 2019