When America is at war thousands of Americans contribute to the effort. No matter one’s ethnic background, the call to serve is great—whether at home or on the front lines. People tell their story with letters sent home, entries in a journal, newspaper stories, and now email, and social media. The National Park Service preserves the stories of people who have fought for our country in many capacities. Learn about the diverse way people have served.

4 african american world war ii pilots walk on a runway
African American Military Heritage

From Buffalo Soldier to Tuskegee Airmen, African Americans have been leaving their mark on our nation's military since it's inception.

Daniel Inouye walks in front of crowd of marines
Asian American, Pacific Isl. Heritage

Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders have distinguished themselves in our nation's military even during our toughest moments as a nation.

spanish soldiers line up in field
Hispanic & Latino Military Heritage

Hispanic & Latino Americans have distinguished themselves, from early conflicts over border and territory and to modern wars.

woman stands on porch overlooking fort
Civilian War Experience

Coincidences in place and time have put these civilians in the center of firefights, and some have rushed in to help.

Two women in machine shop
Women in the Military

In secret and in whatever way they could, women have served in our armed forces.

a native american in traditional dress and with face paint on
Native American Military Heritage

Fighting for their people and later for a country, American Indians have served with distinction.

B&W photo of military general with sideburns
Military Leaders

Battles have been won and lost on the strength of these leaders.

Last updated: November 9, 2017