Parks For Healing

“Being...out in nature, it’s just good for the soul. It’s gets you outside of yourself. It’s my...way to decompress.”
— Edye Joyner, U.S. Marine Corps and Desert Storm veteran

A woman follows a trail down a mountain. Mountains and snow are in the background.
Healing In Nature

Nature is a powerful force in healing. Discover the benefits of getting outdoors among the forest, mountains, river, an sea.

A map shows Veterans Administration and Military locations near national parks.
Visiting DoD or VA? Find Parks Nearby

With over 400 units you can find a national park wherever you are.

Three backpackers spaced out on the trail with mountains in the background.
Healing Journeys

Discover ways nature has helped others heal from stories of active-duty military and veterans. Each one is unique. Find your own inspiration

Healing Places and Activities

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    Last updated: October 27, 2021