From the Revolutionary War to the Cold War, discover the people, places, and stories of the American military experience—both on and off the battlefield. Whether sending letters home or carrying a diary through battle, men and women share their stories. Homes and churches were turned into hospitals. Bridges and farm fields were commandeered in battle. Monuments help us remember. Places like these have their own tale. This is our American military history. The list grows longer every day. Explore these stories and more below.

men in colonial uniforms firing muskets
Battles and Wars

Learn about the many battles and wars commemorated at National Park Service sites.

WWII African American airmen walking down a runway
Military Branches

Explore the history of each branch of US military service: Army, Air Force/Army Air Corps, Coast Guard, Navy and Marines.

3 African American soldiers standing in forest

Explore the lives of military leaders and the military heritage of various sectors of our society.

B&W photo of nurse and sailor sitting outside at Yosemite
Past Use of Military Parks

In the modern era, national parks answered the call by providing recreation and training areas for troops.

a black and white of a tent camp during civil war
Prisoners of War

The National Park Service protects both POW camps from early wars and were used as POW camps in later wars.

a corner of a stone fort against a blue sky
Military Infrastructure

Explore Forts, armories and other remnants of military infrastructure protected by the National Park Service.

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    Last updated: November 20, 2017