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2013 LWCF State Grant Training

The National Park Service conducted a nationwide LWCF State Grant Training April 7-12, 2013, in Denver, Colorado. The training was aimed at all State staff engaged in the administration of the LWCF State Grant Program. The training comprehensively covered critical guidance on LWCF law and policy plus required program practices and procedures. Below are training materials and session handouts from the 2013 training.

2013 LWCF Training Curriculum

Session 2 A Brief Guide to LWCF Program History

Session 2 Foundations of the LWCF State Grant Program

Session 4 Transition to PRISM ASAP and

Session 6 A Brief Guide to LWCF Match

Session 6 A Brief Guide to Match from Other Federal Agencies

Session 7 Project Performance Grants Closeout

Session 10 PD ESF

Session 11 Section 6(f)(3) Map Checklist

Session 11 Section 6(f)(3) Maps

Session 12 Conversion Regulations 36 CFR 59

Session 13 Acq and Conversion Appraisal Differences

Session 13 Appraisal FAQs

Session 13 Resources for LWCF Valuation Compliance

Session 13 Sample Statement of Work

Session 18 36 CFR part 800 regs - 2004

Session 18 Determination of Effect Letter

Session 18 Initiation of Consultation Letter

Session 18 MOA Template

Session 18 National Historic Preservation Act - 2008

Session 18 NHPA Section 106

Session 20 A Brief Guide To Federal Records Management

Session 20 A Brief Guide To Records Retention

Session 20 Administrative Record Index Macombs Dam Park Yankee Stadium

Session 20 Administrative Records

Session 21 A Brief Guide To Federal Audit Clearinghouse

Session 21 A Brief Guide To LWCF Program Reviews

Session 21 State Federal Accountability

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