Summary of National Park Service Laws in the 111th Congress

New units of the park system:

Establishes the Paterson Great Falls NHP, NJ (upon completion of agreements) –P.L. 111-11.

Establishes the William Jefferson Clinton Birthplace Home NHS, AR (upon donation of land) –P.L. 111-11.

Establishes the River Raisin NBP, MI (upon donation of land) –P.L. 111-11.

Port Chicago Naval Magazine National Memorial –P.L. 111-84.

Boundary modifications:

Authorizes the exchange of Forest Service land for some private land for inclusion in Pecos NHP, NM –P.L. 111-11.

Authorizes Weir Farm NHS, CT to acquire up to 15 acres of land for visitor and administrative purposes –P.L. 111-11.

Adds lands to Little River Canyon N Pres., AL –P.L. 111-11.

Expands the boundary of Hopewell Cultural NHP, OH –P.L. 111-11.

Adjusts the boundary of the Barataria Preserve Unit of Jean Lafitte NHP, LA –P.L. 111-11.

Modifies the boundary of Minute Man NHP, MA to include the Colonel James Barrett farm and the area around the Joshua Brooks House –P.L. 111-11.

Modifies the boundary of Everglades NP, FL to add the Tarpon Basin property.Also authorizes land exchanges between the park and Florida Power and Light and between the park and the State of Florida –P.L. 111-11.

Expands the boundary of Martin Van Buren NHS, NY, to include additional acres of the original estate –P.L. 111-11.

Authorizes the addition of Hawthorne Hill and the Wright Company factory to Dayton Aviation Heritage NHP, OH. Also permits the Secretary to provide grants to park partners for construction and development if certain conditions are met –P.L. 111-11.

Authorizes the acquisition of additional lands t to Fort Davis National Historic Site, Texas, for inclusion in the park –P.L. 111-11.

Name changes:

Renames Edison National Historic Site, NJ, as Thomas Edison NHP –P.L. 111-11.

Changes the name of Abraham Lincoln Birthplace NHS, KY, to Abraham Lincoln Birthplace NHP –P.L. 111-11.

Redesignates the Longfellow National Historic Site as the Longfellow House-Washington's Headquarters National Historic Site –P.L. 111-333.

Boundary modification and name change:

Changes the name of Palo Alto Battlefield NHS, TX, to Palo Alto Battlefield NHP and adds 34 acres of the Resaca de la Palma battlefield site to the boundary –P.L. 111-11.

Heritage areas:

Establishes the Sangre de Cristo NHA, CO –P.L. 111-11.

Designates a new local coordinating entity for the Cache La Poudre River NHA , CO –P.L. 111-11.

Establishes the South Park NHA, CO –P.L. 111-11.

Establishes the Northern Plains NHA, ND –P.L. 111-11.

Establishes the Baltimore NHA, MD –P.L. 111-11.

Establishes the Freedom's Way NHA, MA and NH –P.L. 111-11.

Establishes the Mississippi Hills, MS –P.L. 111-11.

Establishes the Mississippi Delta NHA, MS –P.L. 111-11.

Establishes the Muscle Shoals NHA, AL –P.L. 111-11.

Establishes the Kenai Mountains-Turnagain Arm NHA, AK –P.L. 111-11.

Extends the authority of the Secretary to make grants or provide assistance to the Quinebaug and Shetucket Rivers Valley National Heritage Corridor to September 30, 2015, and increases the total that may be appropriated to $15 million –P.L. 111-11.

Designates a new local coordinating entity for the Delaware and Lehigh National Heritage Corridor, and reauthorizes federal funding for an additional five years –P.L. 111-11.

Extends the authority for the Secretary to provide financial assistance from 10 to 15 years for the Erie Canalway National Heritage Corridor –P.L. 111-11.

Authorizes ex-officio members of the John H. Chafee Blackstone River Valley National Heritage Corridor commission to attend and vote in meetings –P.L. 111-11.


Designates the Arizona NST, AZ –P.L. 111-11.

Designates the New England NST –P.L. 111-11.

Designates the Ice Age Flood National Geologic Trail –P.L. 111-11.

Designates the Washington-Rochambeau Revolutionary Route NHT –P.L. 111-11.

Designates the Pacific Northwest NST –P.L. 111-11.

Designates additional routes and campground for the Trail of Tears NHT –P.L. 111-11.

Authorizes the federal government to purchase land from willing sellers for nine trails in the National Trails System –P.L. 111-11.

Wild and scenic rivers:

Designates the Virgin River and some of its tributaries as a wild and scenic river –P.L. 111-11.

Designates segments of the Snake River, WY as a wild and scenic river –P.L. 111-11.

Designates segments of the Taunton River, MA as a wild and scenic river –P.L. 111-11.


Designates wilderness in Pictured Rocks NL, MI –P.L. 111-11.

Designates wilderness in Joshua Tree NP, CA –P.L. 111-11.

Designates wilderness in Sequoia and Kings Canyon NPs –P.L. 111-11.

Designates wilderness in Rocky Mountain NP, CO –P.L. 111-11.

Designates wilderness in Zion NP, UT –P.L. 111-11.

NPS lands issues:

Provides permanent authority for NPS to consider a willing seller a displaced person under the Uniform Relocation Assistance and Real Property Acquisition Policy Act –P.L. 111-8.

Authorizes a land exchange to acquire lands for the Blue Ridge Parkway from the Town of Blowing Rock, NC –P.L. 111-167.

Designates a mountain and icefield in the State of Alaska as "Mount Stevense" and "Ted Stevens Icefield", respectively –P.L. 111-284.

Expands the allowable uses for Kingman and Heritage Islands by the District of Columbia –P.L. 111-328.

Natural resource authorities:

Requires the Secretary to allow hunting and fishing within New River Gorge N River, WV –P.L. 111-11.

Amends the National Cave and Karst Research Institute law to remove the non-Federal matching fund requirement –P.L. 111-11.

Cultural resource authorities:

Provides for the protection of paleontological resources on federal lands –P.L. 111-11.

Authorizes a non-profit organization to establish a memorial at Kalaupapa NHP, HI, to honor those individuals that were forcibly relocated to the Kalaupapa Peninsula from 1866 to 1969 –P.L. 111-11.

Authorizes the establishment of the "Votes for Women History Trail Route" in New York to link sites associated with the struggle for women's suffrage. Also authorizes a National Women's Rights History Project and a National Women's Rights History Project and Partnerships Network –P.L. 111-11.

Reauthorizes the American Battlefield Protection Program through FY 2013, which authorizes technical assistance by NPS and grants to protect and interpret Civil War battlefield sites –P.L. 111-11.

Authorizes the Preserve America program to provide competitive grants to support preservation efforts through heritage tourism, education, and historic preservation planning activities –P.L. 111-11.

Authorizes the Save America's Treasures program, to provide grants for projects to preserve nationally significant collections and historic properties –P.L. 111-11.

Extends the authority for funding the Route 66 preservation program through 2019 –P.L. 111-11.

Adds Heart Mountain to the list of non-Federal historic Japanese-American confinement site properties that are eligible to receive grants for acquisition under Public Law 109-441 –P.L. 111-88.

Construction authorities:

Provides that funding available to the Army Corps of Engineers shall be immediately available to construct the Tamiami Trail bridge component of the Everglades project –P.L. 111-8.

Permanently restricts the use of fees paid by the National Park Service to the West Yellowstone/Hebgen Basin Solid Waste District to operations and maintenance costs of the facility –P.L. 111-8.

Authorizes the National Park Service to enter into a single procurement contract for construction work on the Jefferson Memorial seawall –P.L. 111-8.

Miscellaneous other authorities:

Extends through FY 2011 the "Service First" authority for federal land management agencies –P.L. 111-8.

Requires the Secretary to convert to competitive status certain Alaska residents who were or became federal employees after meeting certain requirements –P.L. 111-11.

Decreases a matching funds requirement and authorizes additional appropriations for Keewenaw NHP, MI –P.L. 111-11.

Authorizes the Secretary to enter into cooperative agreements with any of the management partners of Boston Harbor Islands National Recreation Area, Massachusetts –P.L. 111-11.

Makes technical corrections to several national park laws to fix incorrect section references, map numbers and wording errors –P.L. 111-11.

Reauthorizes and reforms the national service laws –P.L. 111-13.

Prohibits the Secretary of the Interior from promulgating or enforcing any regulation that prohibits an individual from possessing a firearm including an assembled or functional firearm in any unit of the National Park System –P.L. 111-24.

Makes modifications to federal employees benefits and retirement programs –P.L. 111-31.

Provides that a land exchange between the Bureau of Land Management and the State of Utah shall be subject to a scenic easement and road right-of-way previously granted to the National Park Service for Dinosaur National Monument –P.L. 111-53.

Revises the list of recipients of proceeds from the minting of the Jamestown Commemorative Coin –P.L. 111-86.

Makes modifications to federal employees' benefits –P.L. 111-84.

Authorizes a payment to Swain County, NC in connection with the non-construction of the North Shore Road in Great Smoky Mountains National Park –P.L. 111-118.

Requires the head of each executive agency to establish a telework policy –P.L. 111-292.

Requires the Secretary of the Treasury to mint coins in commemoration of the bicentennial of the writing of the Star-Spangled Banner –P.L. 111-232.


Authorizes the study of possible additions to five national trails –P.L. 111-11.

Authorizes a study of the Chisholm Trail and the Great Western Trails –P.L. 111-11.

Authorizes a study of the Missisquoi and Trout Rivers, VT –P.L. 111-11.

Authorizes a study ofWalnut Canyon, AZ –P.L. 111-11.

Authorizes a study of the Tule Lake Segregation Center, CA –P.L. 111-11.

Authorizes a study ofEstate Grange, USVI –P.L. 111-11.

Authorizes a study ofthe Harriet Beecher Stowe House, ME –P.L. 111-11.

Authorizes a study ofShepherdstown Battlefield, WV –P.L. 111-11.

Authorizes a study ofthe Green McAdoo School, TN –P.L. 111-11.

Authorizes a study ofthe Harry S Truman Birthplace, MO –P.L. 111-11.

Authorizes a study ofthe Battle of Matewan, WV –P.L. 111-11.

Authorizes a study ofButterfield Overland Trail (various states) –P.L. 111-11.

Authorizes a National Historic Landmark theme study on sites associated with the Cold War, and authorizes a commission to assist with the study –P.L. 111-11.

Authorizes a study of the Battle of Camden, SC –P.L. 111-11.

Authorizes a study of Fort San Geronimo, PR –P.L. 111-11.

Authorizes a study of a potential Chattahoochee Trace NHC in AL and GA –P.L. 111-11

Authorizes a study of a potentialNorthern Neck NHA, VA –P.L. 111-11.

Authorizes a study of the National D-Day Memorial, VA –P.L. 111-84.

Authorizes a study of Honouliuli Gulch and associated sites within the State of Hawaii –P.L. 111-88.

DC Memorials:

Extends the legislative authority of the Adams Memorial Foundation to establish a commemorative work in honor of former President John Adams and his legacy –P.L. 111-169.

Requires the Secretary of the Interior to install a suitable plaque to commemorate the extraordinary leadership of Senator Robert J. Dole in making the World War II Memorial a reality –P.L. 111-88.

Extends the legislative authority of the Adams Memorial Foundation to establish a commemorative work in honor of former President John Adams and his legacy –P.L. 111-88.

Provides for an extension of the legislative authority to establish a Vietnam Veterans Memorial visitor center –P.L. 111-270.

Boards and Commissions:

Reauthorizes the National Park System Advisory Board –P.L. 111-8.

Extends the expiration date for the Na Hoa Pili O Kaloko-Honokohau Advisory Commission through 2017.

Extends the Cape Cod National Seashore Advisory Commission through 2018.

Extends the Concessions Management Advisory Board through 2009.

Establishes the St. Augustine 450th Commemoration Commission through 2015 - P.L. 111-11.


Supplemental appropriations for job preservation and creation, infrastructure investment, energy efficiency and science, assistance to the unemployed, and state and local fiscal stabilization for FY 2009 –P.L. 111-5.

Omnibus appropriations for the fiscal year ending September 30, 2009 –P.L. 111-8.

Supplemental appropriations for FY 2009 –P.L. 111-32.

Interior Appropriations Act, FY 2010 –P.L. 111-88.

Defense Appropriations Act, FY 2010 –P.L. 111-118.

Supplemental appropriations for FY 2010 –P.L. 111-212.

Presidential Proclamations:

Establishes the Marianas Trench Marine National Monument –Procl. 8335 - 1/6/09

Establishes the Pacific Remote Islands Marine National Monument –Procl. 8336 -1/6/09

Establishes the Rose Atoll Marine National Monument –Procl. 8337 - 1/6/09

Executive Orders:

Chesapeake Bay Protection and Restoration –Order 13508

Continuation of Certain Federal Advisory Commissions –Order 13511

Federal Leadership in Environmental, Energy and Economic Performance –Order 13514

Increasing Participation of Asian-Americans and Pacific Islanders in Federal Programs –Order 13515

Promoting Excellence, Innovation, and Sustainability at Historically Black Colleges and Universities –Order 13532

Interagency Group on Insular Areas –Order 13537

National Commission on the BP Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill and Offshore Drilling –Order 13543

Stewardship of the Ocean, Our Coasts, and the Great Lakes –Order 13547

Increasing Federal Employment of Individuals with Disabilities –Order 13548

Last updated: April 12, 2016

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