Summary of National Park Service Laws in the 105th Congress

Summary of laws of the 105th Congress affecting the National Park Service

(Note: OCESA refers to the Omnibus Consolidated and Emergency Supplemental Appropriations Act for FY 1999, P.L. 105-277).

New NPS units created:

S. 2232 –Little Rock Central High School National Historic Site (AR), P.L. 105-356.

H.R. 3910 –Tuskegee Airmen National Historic Site (AL), P.L. 105-355.

H.R. 1849 –Oklahoma City National Memorial (OK), P.L. 105-58.

Name change and boundary adjustment:

S. 2240 –Adams National Historical Park (MA), P.L. 105-342.

Name change:

H.R. 4328 –Marsh-Billings-Rockefeller National Historical Park (VT), (included in OCESA), P.L. 105-277.

Affiliated area created:

S. 1408 –Lower East Side Tenement National Historic Site (NY), P.L. 105-378.

Designation of other area:

H.R. 4328 –Establishes the Charleston, Arkansas National Commemorative Site (AR), (included in OCESA),P.L. 105-277.

National Historic Landmarks:

S. 1408 –Authorizing grants to Casa Malpais NHL (AZ), P.L. 105-378.

New heritage areas:

H.R. 3910 –Automobile National Heritage Area (MI), P.L. 105-355.

Modifications to existing heritage areas:

H.R. 3910 - Blackstone River Valley National Heritage Corridor (RI and MA), P.L. 105-355.

H.R. 3910 - Delaware and Lehigh Navigation Canal National Heritage Corridor (PA), P.L. 105-355.

H.R. 2107 –Hudson River Valley National Heritage Area (NY) (Included in FY 1998 Interior Appropriations Act), P.L. 105-83.

Boundary modifications:

S. 1132 –Bandelier National Monument (NM), P.L. 105-376.

S. 2246 –Frederick Law Olmsted National Historic Site (MA), P.L. 105-343.

S. 2106 –Arches National Park (UT), P.L. 105-329.

S. 1718 –Weir Farm National Historic Site (CN), P.L. 105-363.

H.R. 3910 –Fort Davis National Historic Site (TX), P.L. 105-355.

H.R. 3910 –Morristown National Historical Park (NJ), P.L. 105-355.

H.R. 3910 –Abraham Lincoln Birthplace National Historic Site (KY), P.L. 105-355.

S. 2129 –Hawaii Volcanoes National Park (HI), P.L. 105-380.

S. 2272 –Grant-Kohrs Ranch National Historic Site (MT), P.L. 105-365.

H.R. 2107 –Arkansas Post National Memorial (included in FY 1998 Interior Appropriations Act), P.L. 105-83.

Fee authority:

H.R. 4328 –Extends authority for the fee demonstration program through September 30, 2001, (included in OCESA), P.L. 105-277.

H.R. 4328 –Prohibits reduced entrance fee program to accommodate non-local travel through a park unit (included in OCESA), P.L. 105-277.

S. 1333 –Authorizing park units with deed restrictions to retain 100 percent of fees collected (Great Smoky Mountains NP and Lincoln Home NHS), P.L. 105-327.

H.R. 2107 –Limited fee collection support authority to only parks not included in the fee demo program (included in FY 1998 Interior Appropriations Act), P.L. 105-83.

Concessions authority:

H.R. 4328 –Deems the holder of a certain concessions contract at Katmai National Park as having provided visitor services pursuant to a provision of the Alaska Lands Act (AK), (included in OCESA), P.L. 105-277.

NPS administrative reforms:

S. 1693 –National Parks Omnibus Management Act (Vision 2020), P.L. 105-391.

This act included provisions:

- to require the development of an employee training program, a 5-year strategic plan and annual performance plans;

- to provide recognition of the importance of scientific research, to enter into cooperative agreements with universities for scientific research, and to undertake an inventory and monitoring system;

- to reform the study process for new units of the system and to establish criteria to be used in carrying out the studies;

- to reform concessions policy;

- to allow charging of fees for use of transportation services to parks;

- to establish a national park passport;

- to establish a program in the National Park Foundation to assist local groups in supporting individual parks;

- to establish a task force to examine law enforcement needs of the Park Service and the U.S. Park Police

- to lease buildings and to retain fees for facility repair and maintenance;

- to permit cooperative management agreements between parks and proximate state or local park areas.

Miscellaneous other authorities:

S. 2524 –Requires display of POW/MIA flag at certain national parks and national cemeteries on specific days of the year, P.L. 105-354.

S. 1364 –Federal Reports Elimination Act of 1998, P.L. 105-362.

H.R. 930 –Travel and Transportation Reform Act (requires use of government credit card for official travel), P.L. 105-264.

H.R. 1119 –National Maritime Heritage Program Extension (included in National Defense Authorization bill for FY 1998), P.L. 105-85.

H.R. 2400 –Transportation Equity Act for the 21st Century, P.L. 105-178.Subsequent to the adoption of this law, Congress passed technical amendments to correct mistakes in TEA-21, as part of H.R. 2676, which became P.L. 105-206.Prior to the adoption of TEA-21, Congress had passed a six-month extension of the existing ISTEA authority, S. 1519, which became P.L. 105-130.

H.R. 4328 –Provides leasing authority at Fort Baker, Golden Gate National Recreation Area (CA), (included in OCESA), P.L. 105-277.

H.R. 2807 –Authorizes the Chesapeake Bay Gateways and Watertrails Network (MD) (included in the reauthorization of the Rhinoceros and Tiger Conservation Act), P.L. 105-312.

S. 1408 –Authorizes funding for maintenance of existing county road through Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore and deauthorizes scenic shoreline road (MI), P.L. 105-378.

S. 731 and H.R. 765 –Directs the Secretary to maintain a herd of 100 wild horses in Cape Lookout National Seashore (NC), P.L. 105-202 and P.L. 105-229, respectively.

H.R. 2107 –Requires National Park Service to create process to allow one entry per day for passenger ferries into Bartlett Cove (AK) (included in FY 1998 Interior Appropriations Act), P.L. 105-83.

H.R. 2107 –Requires NPS to initiate negotiations with the University of Alaska, Fairbanks, School of Mineral Engineering to determine compensation to be paid for destruction of property at Stampede Mine Site within Denali National Park (AK) (included in FY 1998 Interior Appropriations Act), P.L. 105-83.

H.R. 2107 –Provides cooperative management authority for Redwood National Park and proximate state lands (CA) (included in FY 1998 Interior Appropriations Act), P.L. 105-83.

H.R. 1747 –Allows Board of Trustees of John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts to develop plans and projects to improve pedestrian and vehicular access subject to approval of the Secretary of the Interior (DC), P.L. 105-95.

S. 1417 –Authorizes the awarding of a grant to the State of New Mexico to pay for the federal share of Hispanic Cultural Center (NM), P.L. 105-127.

S. 813 –Provides sentencing enhancements for offenses against property of national cemeteries, including those within the National Park System, P.L. 105-101.

NPS lands issues:

H.R. 2204 –Ocracoke Light Station transfer to Cape Hatteras National Seashore (included in Coast Guard Authorization Act of 1998) (NC), P.L. 105-383.

H.R. 3055 –Everglades National Park (Miccosukee Reserved Area), (FL) - P.L. 105-313.

H.R. 4328 –Transfers road easement to City and Borough of Juneau (AK), (included in OCESA), P.L. 105-277.

H.R. 4328 –Extends fixed-term reservations of use and occupancy to homeowners involved in the 1992 expansion of the Indiana Dunes National Lakeshore similar to those received by others in previous expansions (IN), (included in OCESA), P.L. 105-277.

H.R. 4328 –Provides authority for acquisition of lands using appropriated funds at Chickamauga and Chattanooga National Military Park (TN/GA), (included in OCESA), P.L. 105-277.

H.R. 3910 –Merced County School land transfer notwithstanding LWCF prohibition (CA), P.L. 105-355.

H.R. 3910 –Authority to acquire easement at Ferry Farm, George Washington's boyhood home, and to study it to determine its suitability and feasibility to be added to National Park System (VA), P.L. 105-355.

H.R. 3910 –Authority to acquire easement on Thompson Island at Boston Harbor Islands National Recreation Area using appropriated funds (MA), P.L. 105-355.

S. 2241 –Authority to use appropriated funds to acquire lands at the Home of Franklin D. Roosevelt National Historic Site and Eleanor Roosevelt National Historic Site (NY), P.L. 105-364.

H.R. 3579 –Authorizes the revision of the boundary of Petroglyph National Monument to allow for the construction of a roadway (NM), P.L. 105-174.

H.R. 2014 –Provides a tax benefit for estates of individuals making a contribution to a charity of land subject to a qualified conservation easement (land within 25 miles of a national park or designated wilderness area qualifies), P.L. 105-34.

H.R. 2015 –Directs the property at the Lorton Correctional Complex to be transferred through the National Park Service to the Fairfax County Department of Parks and Recreation (VA), P.L. 105-33.

H.R. 2107 –Extends filing period by Alaska Native Corporations regarding land conveyance dispute in Lake Clark National Park and Preserve (AK) (included in FY 1998 Interior Appropriations Act), P.L. 105-83.

S. 669 –Jimmy Carter National Historic Site (GA) (allows use of eminent domain for acquisition of Plains Railroad Depot), P.L. 105-106.

Recognition of African Americans:

H.R. 1635 –Establishes the Underground Railroad Network to Freedom Program, P.L. 105-203

S. 1559 –Authorizes a grant to the State of Florida for the Center for Historically Black Heritage at Florida A&M University (FL), P.L. 105-138.

Congressional recognitions:

H.R. 4328 –Names visitor center at Santa Monica Mountains National Recreation Area for Anthony C. Beilenson (CA), (included in OCESA), P.L. 105-277.

H.R. 4328 –Names the River Valley Trail in Delaware Water Gap National Recreation Area for Joseph M. McDade (PA &NJ), (included in OCESA), P.L. 105-277.

S. 2468 –Names visitor center at Biscayne National Park for Dante Fascell (FL), P.L. 105-307.

S. 931 –Names visitor center at Everglades National Park for Ernest F. Coe and the wilderness for Marjory Stoneman Douglas (FL), P.L. 105-82.


H.R. 4501 –Requires Secretaries of Interior and Agriculture to conduct a study to improve access for persons with disabilities to outdoor recreational opportunities on public lands, P.L. 105-359.

H.R. 3910 –Rosie the Riveter National Historic Site (study for affiliated status - CA), P.L. 105-355.

H.R. 3910 –Study five sites on the islands of Hawaii for potential addition to National Park System. (HI), P.L. 105-355.

S. 1695 - Sand Creek Massacre NHS (CO) –P.L. 105-243.

H.R. 708 –Requires study of grazing use and open space within and adjacent to Grand Teton National Park (WY), P.L. 105-81.

Legislative Taking:

H.R. 2107 –Providing for legislative taking of mining claims in Kantishna Mining District of Denali National Park (included in FY 1998 Interior Appropriations Act), P.L. 105-83.

Land Exchanges:

H.R. 3830 –Utah Land Exchange (UT), P.L. 105-335.

H.R. 4328 –Ratifies a Katmai National Park Land Exchange (AK), (included in OCESA), P.L. 105-277.

H.R. 2411 –Cape Cod National Seashore boundary adjustment and commission extension. (MA), P.L. 105-280.

H.R. 3903 –Glacier Bay National Park boundary adjustment and authority to construct hydroelectric plant. (AK), P.L. 105-317.

S. 1718 –El Portal Administrative Site land exchange (Yosemite National Park –CA), P.L. 105-363.

S. 1683 –Lake Chelan National Recreation Area land transfer to Forest Service (WA), P.L. 105-238 (this was also included in OCESA, P.L. 105-277).

H.R. 2107 –Provides for a land exchange with the Corrections Corporation of America in Oxen Cove Park (MD and DC), (included in FY 1998 Interior Appropriations Act), P.L. 105-83.

H.R. 1119 –Authorizes a transfer of land from the Secretary of Energy to the Secretary of the Interior to be added to Bandelier National Monument (NM), P.L. 105-85.


H.R. 4328 –Authorizes the acquisition of Spirit Mound for administration as part of the Lewis and Clark National Historic Trail (SD), (included in OCESA), P.L. 105-277.

Park Overflights:

H.R. 4328 –Retention of Special FAA Regulation governing commercial air tour operators in the vicinity of Rocky Mountain National Park remains in effect unless otherwise provided by an Act of Congress ((included in OCESA), P.L. 105-277.

Natural Resource authorities:

H.R. 4328 –Provides for the phasing out of commerical fishing in Glacier Bay Proper (included in OCESA), P.L. 105-277.

S. 231 –Establishment of National Cave and Karst Research Institute (NM), P.L. 105-325.

Creation of Commissions:

S. 2285 –Women's Rights Anniversary Commission, P.L. 105-341.

S. 1397 –Centennial of Flight Commission, P.L. 105-389.

Extension of Commissions:

H.R. 3910 –Illinois and Michigan Canal Heritage Corridor Commission, P.L. 105-355.

H.R. 3910 –Delaware Water Gap National Recreation Area Commission, P.L. 105-355.

Termination of Commission:

H.R. 2107 –Franklin Delano Roosevelt Memorial Commission (included in FY 1998 Interior Appropriations Act), P.L. 105-83.

D.C. Memorials:

H.R. 4284 –Authorization for memorial to Mahatma Gandhi outside Indian Embassy, P.L. 105-284.

H.R. 4328 –Extension of time to collect funds for the international memorial to honor the victims of communism, (included in OCESA), P.L. 105-277.

S. 2427 –Extension of time to collect funds for a Black Patriots Memorial, P.L. 105-345.

H.R. 3910 –Authorization for memorial to Benjamin Banneker, P.L. 105-355.

S. 731 –Extension of time to collect funds for the National Peace Garden Memorial, P.L. 105-202.

H.J. Res. 113 –Authorizes the location of a Martin Luther King, Jr. Memorial in Area I in the nation's capital, P.L. 105-201.

S. 423 –Extension of time to collect funds for the George Mason Memorial, P.L. 105-182.

S.J. Res. 29 –Authorizes an addition to the Franklin Delano Roosevelt Memorial depicting the President in a wheelchair, P.L. 105-29.

Commemorative Coins:

S. 1228 –Commemoration of the first flight of the Wright Brothers in Kitty Hawk benefiting the Wright Brothers National Memorial (NC), P.L. 105-124.

H.R. 678 –Thomas Alva Edison Commemorative Coin Act (NJ), P.L. 105-331.


H.R. 4238 –Omnibus Consolidated and Emergency Supplemental Appropriations for FY 1999, P.L. 105-277.

H.R. 3579 –Emergency Supplemental Appropriations for FY 1998, P.L. 105-174.

H.R. 2607 –District of Columbia Appropriations Act (appropriated an extra $12 million to the U.S. Park Police in D.C.), P.L. 105-100.

H.R. 2107 –FY 1998 Interior Appropriations Act, P.L. 105-83.

H.R. 1871 –Emergency Supplemental Appropriations for FY 1997, P.L. 105-18.

Note:Several items listed have the same bill number and public law number as Congress combined several individual authorities into one bill to facilitiate their passage.Congress also does this with the annual appropriations bills, which often include a number of authorizing matters. Please note that this list does not include any specific funding levels or funding limitations found in the appropriations bills.

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