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landscape view of cavalo point lodge

Cavallo Point Lodge, Golden Gate National Recreation Area - California

In early 2005 the NPS entered into a leasing agreement with developers to construct a retreat and conference center at the former Fort Baker Coast Guard facility in San Francisco. Construction of the Cavallo Point Lodge began in October 2006. The redevelopment included the historic rehabilitation of 23 buildings and the construction of 11 small lodging buildings. Over $100 million dollars was invested in this project including traditional bank loans, private equity, historic tax credit equity, and federal funds. The Cavallo Point Lodge opened for business in May 2008 under a 60-year lease. Not only did this project rehabilitate historic structures and provide for the ongoing maintenance of the facilities, it also provides an additional location for guests and visitors to enjoy the park.

airplane hangar

Floyd Bennett Field, Gateway National Recreation Area - New York

In 2017, the Williams’ Transco Pipeline Partnership entered into a lease with Gateway National Recreation Area to restore historic airplane hangars at New York’s Floyd Bennett Field. This project took a number of years to complete due to the amount of detail required for the final restoration plan to meet the Secretary of Interiors Standards for Historic Preservation (PDF 18 MB). The project was done in cooperation with the New York's State Historic Preservation Office and the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission. Williams' Transco invested $22 million in this rehabilitation project. The project received the Chairman’s Award for Achievement in Historic Preservation from the Advisory Council on Historic Preservation. Williams' Transco also received the New York State Historic Preservation Award honoring excellence in the protection and rejuvenation of New York’s historic landmarks.

brick warehouse

The Haslett Warehouse, San Francisco Maritime National Historical Park

The Haslett Warehouse is a 198,000 square-foot warehouse constructed in 1907. The warehouse was listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1975 and declared a historic landmark by the city of San Francisco in 1974. In 1978 the warehouse was transferred to NPS and became part of the San Francisco Maritime National Historical Park in 1988. Vacant since 1986, the warehouse was first offered for lease in 1998 with an estimated renovation cost of $8 million. In 2002, the NPS entered into a 57-year lease with Kimpton Hotels to renovate the property into a 252-room hotel. After a fire during the renovation period the Argonaut hotel opened for business in August 2003. The building also houses the San Francisco Maritime Park Museum.

Last updated: January 16, 2020