Leasing Opportunities

The National Park Service has multiple pathways by which it can enter into a lease.

Request for Bids

The simplest method is a Request for Bids (RFB). An RFB is issued if the sole criterion for award of the lease in the amount of rent that is offered. Here are some examples where a Request for Bids may be utilized:

  • annual / seasonal leases of residential properties that are “move-in” ready (this could be park housing that is no longer needed for park purposes or a residential property that was recently transferred to the service)
  • short-term leases of buildings where the lessee assumes no rehabilitation responsibilities (vacation rentals, event space, meeting space)

Request for Qualifications

The purpose of a Request for Qualifications (RFQ) is to select a “short list” of potential offerors that meet minimum management, financial and other qualifications necessary for submission of a proposal in response to an RFP.

If an RFQ is issued only persons determined as qualified under the terms of the RFQ shall be eligible to submit a proposal under the related RFP.

Request for Proposals

When the award of a lease is based on selection criteria in addition to, or other than the amount of the rent, the NPS Director must solicit proposals for the lease through a public Request for Proposals (RFP). An RFP may be preceded by an Request for Qualifications or (RFQ).

RFP’s are generally open for sixty (60) days and are evaluated on the following criteria:

  1. The compatibility of the proposal’s intended use of the leased property with respect to preservation, protection, and visitor enjoyment of the park;
  2. The financial capability of the offeror to carry out the terms of the lease;
  3. The experience of the offeror demonstrating the managerial capability to carry out the terms of the Lease;
  4. The ability and commitment of the offeror to conduct its activities in the park area in an environmentally enhancing manner through, among other programs and actions, energy conservation, waste reduction, and recycling; and
  5. Any other criteria the RFP may specify.
Additionally, if the property to be leased is an historic property, the compatibility of the proposal with the historic qualities of the property must be an additional selection criterion, and if the RFP requires proposals to include the amount of rent offered, the amount of rent offered must also be an additional selection criterion.

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Request for Bid

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Request for Qualification

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Request for Proposal

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Leasing Forms

Along with information requested in athe park-specific leasing opportunity, potential lessees are required to complete the following leasing forms, as appropriate: These forms are included in the RFP package and are required to be completed by potential lessees.

Form 10-352 Identification and Credit Information (Individual) (DOCX 634 KB)
Form 10-353 Identification and Credit Information (Indiv SP) (DOCX 636 KB)
Form 10-354 Identification and Credit Information (Corp LLC Part JV) (DOCX 636 KB)
Form 10-355 Financial Information for Revenue Producing Uses (DOCX 57 KB)
Form 10-355A Offeror Financial Statements and Projections (Small Lease) (DOCX 78 KB)
Form 10-355B Offeror Financial Projections (XLSX 661 KB)

Last updated: October 11, 2023