National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA)

Projects with Construction (Development) or Ground-Disturbing Archeology

For those projects that do include construction (development) aspects or ground-disturbing archeological work, we review the scope of work against the list of categorical exclusions. The way that we review the scope is by gathering information from you on a worksheet. This worksheet captures information to ensure compliance with NEPA. It is meant to be a guide to completing the required NEPA review process for development and archeology projects. You may use another format to provide this information as long as the required data is provided to your grant manager or NPS technical reviewer.

Even if your project does include construction, you will still find a categorical exclusion attached to your grant agreement; however, it only applies to those portions of your project that are not construction or archeology related. NPS will use the information you provide in the NEPA worksheet to determine if and how a categorical exclusion can apply to the rest of your grant-supported activities.

Ready for review?

Read the requirements for and sequencing of the review and compliance process. This means what you need to submit for review under the National Historic Preservation Act and National Environmental Protection Act.

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Last updated: June 11, 2024