Preparing for a Wayside Project

Use the new "Wayside Exhibits: A Guide to Developing Outdoor Interpretive Exhibits" to learn about best practices and good examples, and to avoid common pitfalls. The "Wayside Guide" can lead you through the work process, link to web pages, videos, PDFs, and other resources.  Learn more about the Wayside Exhibits Guide.

Wayside Work Process

Wayside exhibit projects should begin with parkwide wayside planning integrated into the full spectrum of media within a park. But following the overall identification of all desired waysides within a park, it is often necessary and prudent to move a subset of waysides forward ahead of the others. A multiphase project is not a sign of poor management, rather, wayside exhibits can be—and often should be—completed in phases. Reasons include availability of funds, the need for original art or maps, the opening of a new trail, limited staff hours for the project, seasonal conditions, or other circumstances. Download the Wayside Work Process Charts.

Work with Harpers Ferry Center

Contact Harpers Ferry Center for assistance with media development strategies, project management, and to use wayside IDIQ contracts. Call or email us to obtain project cost estimates, to get answers to your wayside exhibit questions, or for HFC assistance in developing and producing wayside exhibits.

Paved Path at Sulphur Works
Visitor Accessibility for Waysides

Accessible walkway and cane detection bar on wayside exhibit at Mammoth Cave National Park.

Rachel Carson Wayside Dedication
Wayside Exhibit Planning

Wayside dedication on September 27, 2016.

Hikers reading about Devastated Area
Wayside Writing

Hikers reading about a devastated area.

A wayside showing a tactile river salmon.
Wayside Design

Multifaceted wayside exhibit in Sitka National Historical Park

Wayside on Lassen Peak
Wayside Bases

Custom base on Lassen Peak.

West Mountain trail sign map.
Wayside Map Standards

West Mountain Trail map.

Base plated wayside installed at Castillo De San Marcos National Monument.
Wayside Panel Materials

Base plated wayside installed at Castillo De San Marcos National Monument.

36x24 Wayside Grid
Wayside Grids

NPS wayside exhibit grid.

Fort Union National Monument, Watrous, NM
Wayside Installation

Dedication of new exhibits installed at Fort Union National Monument.

Vandalized wayside exhibit at Cape Cod.
Wayside Evaluation

Vandalized wayside exhibit at Cape Code.

Last updated: April 30, 2024