Wayside Exhibit Evaluation Checklist

This checklist may be of assistance in identifying the deficiencies of installed wayside exhibits. Answer questions "Yes" or "No". Print out multiple copies of this checklist and complete a separate sheet for each wayside exhibit being evaluated. Add notes to the back of the page if necessary.

Pass or Fail?

If you answer "No" to any of these five key questions, the entire wayside exhibit should be considered a failure. Take steps to remedy the problem.

  • Is the topic of this wayside interesting, significant, and site-specific?
  • Do the graphics invite viewers to interact with the wayside?
  • Is the exhibit’s content accurate?
  • Does the arrangement of text and graphics provide a clear interpretive point?
  • Is the text legible?

Strong or Weak?

  • Are visitors using and responding to the wayside?

  • Does the wayside relate directly to the landscape?

  • Does the quality of the images reflect the professional integrity of the agency?

  • Is the arrangement of information logical and easy to follow?

  • Are the sentences clear and concise?

  • Can the text be read easily aloud without pronunciation stumbling blocks?

  • Does the wayside accomplish the purpose stated in the Wayside Exhibit Plan?

  • Do the captions relate to the images seen?

  • Is the content accessible for the visually impaired?

  • Does the wayside have just enough information to provoke thought?

Site Conditions?

  • Has the vista for this wayside been properly maintained?

  • Was the wayside installed so as to be visually unobtrusive to park resources?

  • Is the site accessible to visitors, including people with mobility impairments?

  • Is there a level, hard-surfaced exhibit pad of adequate size?

  • Is the wayside base plumb, level, and solidly anchored?

  • Are the panel and base materials appropriate for the site?

  • Is the graphic panel clean and free of fading, scratches, chips, and fiberglass crazing?

Last updated: December 18, 2019