S. Herbert Evison’s NPS Oral History Project

Collected from 1959-1963 and 1972-1974, these interviews focus on early NPS history, with a particular emphasis on Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC) men. Evison collected 475 interviews, including those with NPS directors, superintendents, program managers, and others. Check back as more interview transcripts will be posted as they are digitized

Abbot, Stanley W., Summer 1958
Designing and building the Blue Ridge Parkway.

Abbuehl, Ed, April 09, 1971
Civilian Conservation Corps; Civil Works Administration; Blue Ridge Parkway.

Alberts, Edwin C., September 14, 1962
Petrified Forest (seasonal ranger); Montezuma Castle (ranger); Death Valley (naturalist); Carlsbad Caverns; Southwestern National Monuments; Rocky Mountain; Midwest Regional Office (naturalist).

Albright, Horace M., July 26, 1961
National Parks Association; Stephen T. Mather; land acquisition; NPS future.

Alexander, Donald B., April 13, 1971
Civilian Conservation Corps; American Planning and Civic Association; National Conference on State Parks.

Alldredge, Rendel B., August 24, 1962
Statistics and Statistical Analysis in the NPS--History, Current Status, and Some Ruminations about the Future.

Allen, Thomas J., December 11, 1962
Mount Rainier (seasonal); Rocky Mountain (acting chief ranger, chief ranger, assistant superintendent, superintendent); Hawaii (superintendent); Zion (superintendent); Hot Springs (first superintendent); Midwest Regional Office (first regional director); Richmond Regional Office (regional director); WASO (assistant director); Sequoia and Kings Canyon (superintendent); Santa Fe
Regional Office (regional director).

Altvater, Allen C., Sr., April 07, 1971
Civilian Conservation Corps (camp superintendent).

Anderson, Jean T., February 24, 1973
Growing up in the NPS, especially at Grand Canyon National Park; Miner R. Tillotson's NPS career (her father); Native Americans; her brief position with Richmond Regional Office (engineering department).

Andrews, Robert W., May 18, 1973
Civilian Conservation Corps (landscape foreman); Central Design Office; Richmond Regional Office.

Appleman, Roy E., February 10, 1971
Civilian Conservation Corps; Emergency Conservation Work; NPS Advisory Board; Colonial; Eastern National Parks and Monuments Association; Castillo de San Marcos; archeology; Gettysburg; Richmond Regional Office; Historic American Buildings Survey (HABS).

Appleman, Roy E., February 25, 1971
Combat historian; History Division; historic survey on interpretation in the national parks.

Arana, Luis, November 12, 1973
San Juan (historical aid, historian); Castillo de San Marcos (chief of visitor services); Florida planning office (historical resources coordinator); Mission 66.

Arnberger, Lesile P., December 07, 1962
Grand Canyon (junior laborer, seasonal ranger-naturalist); Casa Grande (park ranger, naturalist); Santa Fe (naturalist); Southwestern National Monuments; Blue Ridge Parkway (naturalist); Southwest Regional Office (assistant regional director).

Arnold, Fred M., March 19, 1971
Civilian Conservation Corps; WASO (forester inspector Emergency
Conservation Work assistant supervisor); state park division (forester of regional foresters); Richmond Regional Office (regional forester, regional chief of park, forest and wildlife protection, regional chief of ranger services, regional chief of resource management and visitor protection).

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