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Your community in nature is waiting for you! Whether you're into hiking, yoga, art therapy, or volunteering there is a place for you to improve your health in our national parks. Or if you're not sure how you want to get healthy, there's plenty of inspiration to find new routes to a better you! Take the first steps in our national parks.

Discover opportunities throughout the year to enjoy our parks and make your well-being a priority:

word Spring over boy playing
Spring into Health

Find healthy opportunities from March to May!

word Summer over background of two kids swimming
Play It Up in the Park

Find healthy opportunities from June to August!

word Fall over background of two hikers walking on path
Cozy Up in the Park

Find healthy opportunities from September to November!

word Winter over background of a skier and snowshoer
Wellness in Winter

Find healthy opportunities from December to February!

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Want to volunteer? Volunteer events will soon display directly on the NPS Event Calendar. Until then, visit to find ways to volunteer!

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Last updated: February 16, 2021