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wrapping a fossil with plaster

Paleontology Fieldwork
Paleontologists use science, intuition, cutting-edge technology, and centuries-old techniques to discover and collect fossils in the field.

person cataloging fossils

Paleontology Labwork
For every hour paleontologists spend in the field looking for fossils, they spend many more hours preparing, studying, and describing fossils in the lab.

kids working on a dinosaur puzzle


Fossils connect us with ancient ecosystems—plants and animals that lived thousands or even billions of years ago. Their lessons of migration, adaptation, and extinction are important today because we live on a changing planet.

person near fossil trackway on rock slab

Fossils In situ
Fossils are found in many types of rocks across the country.

fossil fish

Fossil Collections
Museums curators prepare and take care of fossils and their associated information, as well as provide opportunities for scientific study.

workers in a fossil guarry
Historic Photos
Fossils have transfixed humans for centuries and have been scientifically collected in and around national parks since the late 1600s!

The word "Arizona" carved in petrified wood
Fossils in Cultural Contexts
Fossils are also found in association with ancient humans, historic and prehistoric structures, as well as legends and other stories.

Last updated: March 16, 2016