Get Started with the NPS API

The National Park Service application program interface (NPS API) provides authoritative NPS data that you can use in your apps, maps, and websites. To access that data, you need an API key.

The process is free and easy. Just fill out the following form.
Once you obtain your API key, you may begin making API requests.

Each API request contains:
  • Resource Endpoint
  • Query String Parameters
  • HTTP Request Header with an API Key
For example, consider the following URL:,dena

In the above request, two of the three necessary components are represented.
  • Resource Endpoint -
  • Query String Parameters - parkCode=acad,dena
However, just pasting that URL in a browser address bar won't return any results as you also need to send your API key in the HTTP request header. In order to learn more about that, be sure to read the API Guides page about authentication. Also, test out queries and learn more about the API in the API Documentation section of this website.

Good luck with your programming project and thanks for using NPS data.

Last updated: September 7, 2017