NPS on GitHub

The National Park Service GitHub account hosts repositories of code and data, many of which are GIS-related.

For NPS API users, the nps-api-samples repository provides examples of many common tasks required of a developer working with NPS data. These examples are provided in a variety of languages such as Python and PHP. Snippets of code demonstrate authentication and basic data retrieval using different parameters.
  • Park Address Lookup - Demonstrates 'fields' parameter in order to retrieve non-default fields such as "address'.
  • Park Lat/Long Lookup - Simple example returning default fields of 'fullName' and 'latLong'.
  • Park Names by State - Demonstrates 'stateCode' parameter in order to filter results by state.
  • List of All Parks - Demonstrates 'limit' parameter in order to return all park names.

Last updated: September 1, 2017