Park Elements

Air Quality Data

Sites may display a widget containing data from live monitoring stations that are managed by the NPS Air Quality Division, within the Natural Resources, Stewardship, and Science directorate.

AQ Element: Optional Header Text

Optional intro text, with a max character count of 500. The author picks their park, a specific location in the park, and the type of data they wish to display. Data options are (1) Ozone, (2)  Particulate Matter, or (3) Current Air Quality & Weather.

The "View More Data" button automatically appears to send traffic to the Air Quality site, to learn more.

Pass Purchase Element

Parks that sell passes via can use a widget to make those sales right on their own website, rather than having to shuffle people over to

Optional Header Text Goes Here

Optional intro text can go here. There is no character limit, and it's a rich text editor, so parks should be able to provide all the detail they need for a visitor, before they click the button to open the Purchase Passes widget.

Last updated: February 24, 2022